Hannah is the Biopixel Group’s formidable Operations Manager and is passionate about procuring high quality educational media that encourages people to actively care for their environment.

Hannah’s involvement with Biopixel within a year of its inception has been fundamental to the company’s development, steering the business into a successful niche market and building our blue-chip reputation. Hannah’s gift for thinking outside the box and her solution focussed attitude has been pivotal to the success of the Biopixel Group, managing the 3 arms of the business with both determination and compassion. She is known for going above and beyond, evidenced by the notable number of return clients and long-term domestic and international industry relationships. From production contracts and legal negotiations, to shoot logistics and post-production support, Hannah is everyone’s hero! 

Hannah’s exhaustive knowledge of Biopixel’s vast stock footage library, as well as her nurturing nature, is vital in guiding and advising clients through their production needs leading to outstanding results and glowing commendations. When she’s not out in the field producing our latest film shoot or in the editing suite showcasing Biopixel’s epic vision, Hannah devotes her endless energy managing our client’s requests, enabling them to develop that elusive WOW factor for their documentary productions and making the entire Biopixel experience a smooth and memorable one.