Team surveys mangrove damage from Cairns to Cape York

After an unprecedented dieback of mangroves in the Gulf of Carpentaria last year, a team from James Cook University’s TropWATER centre are now on a mission to film every mangrove between Cairns and Cape York. Dr Norm Duke, leader of the JCU...

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Coral Spawning

Why complex corals have better survival rates

Scientists know more complex reef habitats tend to recover faster after disturbances.  But, until now, they didn’t know why. New findings published in Scientific Reports this week found the improved recovery of complex reef systems is largely due to the...

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Turtles use sun to navigate home

Sea turtles may use the sunrise to show them the way home. That’s what scientists at James Cook University have found after analysing satellite tracking data of the animals. Dr Takahiro Shimada, from JCU’s College of Science and Engineering,...

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Cone Snail eating a sand perch

Cone snails on acid trip: hyperactive but clumsy

Hyperactive and clumsy are not usually two words to describe the deadly cone snail. But, expose one to the levels of ocean acidification expected under predicted climate change – an acid trip of sorts – and what you are left...

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