Tai Inoue is a highly respected Cameraman and Sound Recordist living in the lush rainforest of Kuranda in Far North Queensland, with a lifelong passion for exploring and documenting nature.

His love of wildlife and fascination with the invisible world of sounds that surround us has taken him on a successful journey recording, understanding and cataloguing an impressive library of sounds and vision.

Tai’s patience, tenacity and meticulous attention to detail have earned him a remarkable reputation amongst filmmakers, notably in the Macro world. 

His place of residence is also home to a raft of insects, spiders and reptiles where he builds intricate sets mirroring his prized creature’s habitats. An exceptional biological knowledge base coupled with a finely tuned eye and super calm, focussed temperament, produces remarkable results capturing breathtaking animal behaviour.  

Tai has an innate understanding of the connectivity within the natural world, using his talent and art as a tool to bring understanding and appreciation to the world of science. His recent experience includes integral involvement in our giant screen ‘3D Great Barrier Reef’ production; filming and field recording for National Geographic’s doco, ‘Dino Bird’; stunning sequences of underground bioluminescent fungi featured in David Attenborough’s ‘Light on Earth’ documentary; and unique Cassowary sound recordings used in the David Attenborough series ‘Seven Worlds One Planet’.