Are the preview clips available for download?

The watermarked preview clips are available to download for editing purposes only. This allows you to use the clip for internal editing and testing purposes in your production.

What are the costs of Biopixel’s Stock Footage?

Rates vary based on use, distribution, duration, camera format and rarity of footage. Please email for our stock footage rates.

Is there a minimum order requirement?

Biopixel have a 5 second minimum order requirement for all purchases.  For web-based and educational projects only, the minimum order requirement is 10 seconds.

I am working with a nonprofit organisation with limited funds, can we use your footage for free or can I request discounted footage for online and educational projects?

We offer a reduced rate for these projects that still may not fit within your budget.  We would really love to help everybody with their fabulous environmental and educational projects, however our footage is very exclusive and costly vision to acquire.  Boats and camera equipment are expensive to purchase, run and maintain.  This, along with dangerous animal housing and handling, the cost to travel to remote locations, experienced camerapersons in our field, and the human resources required to run our business, simply renders us unable to help everyone.  Please understand that giving away our vision devalues what we do.

Is there a cost if I use the same shot twice within a production?

Yes. Footage is charged as per total screen time within a production.

What taxes are applicable?

Our quoted stock footage rates are exclusive of all taxes including goods and services taxes, sales taxes, withholding taxes etc. Should any of these taxes apply to your purchase, the total price payable by you to us will increase accordingly to cover the amount of tax that applies to your purchase.

Do I have to enter into a contract agreement with Biopixel?

Yes. Biopixel will supply you with our standard Stock Footage Licence when you place your order. The Biopixel Licence covers the use of the footage based on the required distribution method, territory and duration.

How soon will I receive my footage?

We can usually supply you with your footage within 48 business hours of receiving the details of your order. Larger jobs may take longer and we will communicate the estimated time of delivery on receipt of your order. We always make every effort to get your vision to you as fast as possible. The names of the clips on the Vimeo site make it easy for you to search for your vision, however please provide us with the userbits and timecodes “burnt” into the actual footage itself. The userbits, or name of clips, will normally proceed with the letters DD or A. These are the names of the clips that help us efficiently locate the vision in our extensive library.

How will I receive my Footage?

Biopixel uses a software platform known as Digital Pigeon to send your footage quickly and efficiently. You will receive an email with a link to download the footage.

Can I make changes or edits to the terms of Biopixel’s Stock Footage Licence?

Biopixel does not allow changes for orders less than USD$3,000. We will however consider small amendments for purchases above USD$3,000.

At what point is the vision purchased from Biopixel licensed for broadcast?

The Biopixel vision you purchased for your production is not authorised to broadcast until payment has been received and the licence signed by both parties. To do so is a breach of Biopixels copyright.

How can I pay for my footage?

Payments can be made via direct transfer into either our AUD or USD bank account or alternatively we now accept credit cards.


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