The aquarium studio is one of the largest dedicated marine filming facilities in the world. It was developed in collaboration with leading marine venom researcher Dr Jamie Seymour of James Cook University, Cairns.

The studio boasts a number of large filming sets including a living coral reef and a mangrove habitat, located outside for natural light. Specialist macro tanks, microscopes and motion control pools are located inside the studio facility. This setup allows animals to be conditioned in natural-looking sets to obtain complex behavioural sequences, many of which have never been filmed before.

The facility hosts a range of marine animals including several venomous species, stonefish, lionfish, sea snakes, crown of thorns starfish, cone-snails, triton shells, and box jellyfish. Cairns is the ideal location for Australia’s leading Natural History HQ with the reef, rainforest and outback environments all within easy access.

The Aquarium is available for hire as part of your filming commission projects with Biopixel.   The Aquarium is an interconnected system, housing many dangerous and vulnerable animals and requires experienced management.  The space is not available for dry hire.

To explore the aquarium and view our live video feeds, visit