Biopixel uses the latest equipment to capture nature in amazing 8K, Phantom high speed as well as high definition. Our equipment is also available for hire.

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8K, 6K and 4K Camera kits

  • 2 x RED HELIUM 8K Camera kit
  • 2 x RED DRAGON 6K Camera kit
  • DJI Inspire 2 Quadcopter
  • DJI Mavic 3 Cine 5.2 K
  • Phantom Flex 4K up to 1000fps(4K) 3000fps(HD)
  • Sony A7s / Infra-Red modified plus Atomos Shogun 4K recorder
  • Sony A7s III / Atomos Ninja V 4K Recorder
  • GoPro 9 Black edition kits – various mounts

Stills/Time Lapse equipment

  • 2 x Nikon D850 – ultra fast basic lenses for time lapse
  • Motion track rails available on request

Underwater Comms

  • Diveways full face masks with digital recorder and wireless transmitter

Underwater kits

  • Gates Atom 3D Housing
  • Gates Underwater Housing for RED DRAGON
  • Nauticam Housing for RED HELIUM
  • Nauticam Housing for RED Dragon
  • Nauticam EMWL Probe Lens Kit, WACP2 Anomorphic Wide Angle Lens
  • Gates Underwater Housing for Phantom Flex 4K High Speed Camera
  • Gates G14 Lights 14000 lumens

3D Rig

  • 3aility Technica ATOM rig
  • 3D matched pair of Angenieux 14-36 PL lens

Lens options

  • Canon 50-1000m 4K Cine Lens with 150mm Oconnor Tripod
  • Full range of Nikon lens
  • Angenieux 14-36 PL lens
  • Mattbox 6×6 – no filters
  • HDx35 Mark II B4/PL adapter
  • Innovision HD Probe lens/PL – periscope attachment – 5, 8,12,17 mm lenses
  • Innovision Probe II lens with 5mm lens
  • Astroscope night vision module
  • Laowa 24mmProbe Lens PL mount


  • Miller Jib arm
  • 2 x Lectrosonic Waterproof Wireless Lavalier kit (2 channels) + receiver


  • Creamsource 1000W LED Panel
  • 3 x 800w Redhead kit
  • Ianiro Varibeam 2000w
  • 4 x Dedolights kit
  • Lite Panel Micro Pro
  • A wide variety of complex underwater arrays and above ground lighting kits are available on request – advise of your needs for quotation.

Crew Rates

  • All Crew rates on request

Equipment Rental Rates and Hire Services

  • For more information about Biopixel’s professional camera hire services can be found at