Siegi is Biopixel’s efficient & effective Production Coordinator, committed to providing a high level of support to the Director of Photography and the production team as well as exceptional customer service to our valued clients and associates.

Siegi has spent many years working and gaining experience overseas and has been involved in a wide variety of multimedia environments in the cinema, photography, advertising and publishing industries. 

Born and bred in Far North Queensland, Siegi shares a deep connection and passion for the conservation of our local Reef and Rainforest and our unique natural wildlife.

When she’s not calmly and competently juggling the many challenging practical logistics of Biopixel’s fast-paced filming schedules and administrative chaos, Siegi loves nothing better than to share awesome vision and scientific knowledge through Biopixel’s many Biopixel’s social media channels.

Her perpetual positive attitude, ability to conquer any obstacle and lift team spirits in the process, boosts motivation and morale on a daily basis and allows Biopixel the freedom and confidence to create and innovate with a reliable cohesive force behind the scenes.