These fish may or may not be living their best life. It’s hard to tell whether they are indignant, or have simply transcended happiness to a place of true tranquility.

We don’t want to put words into their mouth, but we did anyway.  Because, surely, even fish get frustrated by meetings about meetings and the cost of parking.

Take a look at these photos and decide for yourself.



1. “I can’t wait to turn up to work and be under appreciated and underpaid. “

Brendan contemplates life’s meaning on his way to the office.



2. “Got my teeth whitened and Sally still won’t even look at me.”

I think we can all relate to how this hump-head parrotfish feels about dentists and empty promises.



3. When you change lines at airport security to the one that seems to be moving faster only to watch in pain as your former spot in the line gets served before you.

Even sunfish like the mola mola can’t have a sunny outlook on life all the time.



4. When the nearest ATM is out of order.  

The lungfish is filled with disappointment at the 21st century and its ‘technology’.



5. How you feel when Facebook notifies you that “Denise added 23 photos of you”.

No more photos Denise, no more photos!



6. When you finish a series on Netflix and can’t find anything that lives up to the binge you just enjoyed.

Glum.  Just really glum. That’s the feeling right there.



7. The sound of someone sniffling and/or coughing on public transport. And there’s not a tissue in sight.

100% disgust. In stereo.



8. Me: “Get directions to Cairns, Queensland.”  

Siri: “Getting you directions to Cans.”  

Me: “I said C-AIR-N-ZZ”

Siri: “You want directions to Cheyennes, is that right?”


Siri: “I’m sorry I can’t find directions to Keynes.”

Followed by complete resignation.



9. “Is that what my profile really looks like?”

Expectation: Unicorn.




A final word from this maori wrasse…

10. When you’re doing the speed limit and someone tailgates you and honks their horn as if you’re driving like a 90-year-old.

Well excuse me for being an upstanding citizen.

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