Most popular Biopixel social media posts to date…

After celebrating Biopixel’s first 5 years last month, we re-discovered some of our favourite footage and social media posts from facebook. Enjoy reminiscing with us and feel free to interact and spread the love and our vision with more likes and shares!

Dexterous Dolphins

Biopixel Stock Footage

Barron Falls in Full Flood

Biopixel Stock Footage

Best Bloopers – Richard Fitzpatrick

Biopixel Stock Footage

Shark Whisperer

Biopixel Stock Footage

Croc versus Gopro

Biopixel stock footage

Biopixel Oceans Foundation

Biopixel Stock Footage

Barra Season 2018

Biopixel stock footage

Best of Slow Motion

Biopixel Stock footage

Pregnant Seahorse

Biopixel Stock Footage

Whale Song

We have had an epic amount of fun (and some epic challenges) collecting this footage and having almost completed our 4K underwater stock acquisition, we are now working hard expanding our terrestrial footage.

With the biggest stock footage library in the southern¬†hemisphere already, we are ‘shooting’ for the world!

Hope you enjoyed these as much as we did and don’t forget – sharing is caring…

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