It’s Shark Week this week and we want to give a massive shout out to a fantastic organisation that we had the privilege of working with earlier this year, Ocearch.

Ocearch is a not for profit organisation that enables researchers and scientists to obtain data on the biology, movement and health of sharks.

With funding in Australia very hard to get for this type of research, Biopixel was extremely grateful for the opportunity to join the Ocearch team for five days when they came to Australian waters in April this year.  Ocearch not only provide a great vessel with an amazing shark platform, they also supply the researchers with satellite tags, acoustic tags and a competent crew to assist in the work.

It is well worth a visit to their website just to see a Great White in our world of gravity, spread out in all its magnificence on the deck of the vessel. The efficiency and minimalistic impact on the animal is inspiring and you can even track the sharks they have tagged on their expeditions.

More than ever, the conservation of these magnificent creatures is needed and groups like Ocearch are paramount in the drive to protect the future of the oceans apex predators, whilst at the same time enhancing public safety and education.

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